VBAC in Columbia and central MO

My first child was born via c-section.  Many years later when I started learning more about my body and my options I realized that I was a victim of medical convenience.   It really does irritate me how hospitals do not function under an evidence based model.  This is one of the reasons why I have such a passion for midwifery and helping moms!!  In my 20 years of childbearing the medical community has gone back and forth on allowing VBAC and not allowing VBAC’s.  Currently most doctors in our state are NOT allowing them.  Occasionally we find a Dr who will allow a VBAC after on one c-section.  I do not know of one Dr who will allow a VBAC after 2 or more c-sections.




Women NEED and option to birth naturally.  The research does not indicate a huge increase in risk of uterine rupture with subsequent surgical deliveries.  There is plenty of research that proves that multiple c-sections do increase the risk of placenta accreta.  This is a problem for pregnancy no matter how you chose to deliver your baby.  The evidence shows that many c-sections cause more issues and risks than VBAC’s.


I am saying all this to get the word out that YOU DO HAVE OPTIONS!  Your birth is yours and no Dr should tell you there are no options. Serving moms who want a VBAC are exactly why I do what I do.



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