Why hire a Doula?

I just read an article from a mom who hired a doula and was sorely disappointed with the service, rather lack thereof, she received.  This grieves me much.  I do this work because I have a passion to help and educate women in their pregnancy and birth journey.  It brings me joy and fulfillment to empower women through educating them and making them aware of their choices, then following through with REAL face to face support when the big day arrives!  I find it sad that other women are actually ripping moms off and not fulfilling their contracted responsibilities!!


Rest assured that if you hire me I will be there for you!  I do not take this job lightly or with small regard for my clients.  My passion for serving women is strong and real.  When you have an empowered birth it is hard to not want to share that with others.  This is not about me.  This is about supporting you to have the best birth possible.  Will I sugar coat it for you and tell you it will be all roses and butterflies?  Absolutely not!  I will prepare you for the real thing, we will talk about all the possibilities.  That said knowledge IS power! When you are know what to expect and have an idea of what things may come up you will be better prepared to handle them.



I will prepare you before you labor and then when that time comes I will encourage you to make educated decisions based on your plans. If the situation arises that your plan cannot be keep we will navigate those choices together and what ever you decide I remain at your side supporting you and encouraging you in your choices!   Sometimes no matter how much we prepare plans change and that is okay.  It does not mean you are not strong enough, it just means we are not in complete control of birth.





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