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Home Birth Midwifery Services

As a CPM (Certified Professional Midwife), I provide complete prenatal, birth and postpartum care for healthy women and babies. I can begin care for you as early in pregnancy as you would like.  Visits are done either in your home or in my home office.   I do not do ultrasound, however that is a simple referral to a local office which your insurance typically will cover.  When you are in labor myself and an assistant come to your home and care for you, all postpartum care is done in your home.   I specialize in offering home water birth.

We are now offering private birth suites if you do not want to birth at home but would like to birth outside of the hospital.  Our private birth suite is located just 15 minutes away from both of the Columbia hospitals.   This is just like birthing at home with all the same amenities but in another location, my space instead of yours 

It is extremely important for women to have a supportive birth team serving them when it is time to have their baby.  You deserve respect and to be treated very well.  I want you to be an active participant in your care!  Babies deserve to come into this world GENTLY!  I care for my clients with an individualized approach!  We are a team working together for the same goal!

Specifically midwifery services include:

Prenatal Care:
~ Free, no-stress consultation appointment, giving us the opportunity to get to know one another and ask questions.
~ 24 hour on-call availability from start of care up to 8 weeks postpartum.
~ Initial prenatal appointment includes: medical and obstetric history, risk assessment, nutritional analysis, lab work, and follow-up prenatal appointment items below.
~ Follow-up prenatal appointments include: vitals, hemoglobin level assessment, Rhogam if needed at 28 weeks, ongoing nutritional and herbal counseling, monitoring baby’s growth, exercises, birth education on how to prepare for a natural labor and birth.
~ Evidence-based research, information, and discussion on current prenatal and newborn procedures and the opportunity to make an informed choice.
~ Referral for Ultrasound, if desired or indicated.
~ 37 week emergency care appointment includes set up for birth, roles, emergency plan, and follow-up prenatal appointment items.

~ Minimally we need to do 7 prenatal visits, but I often do more like 10 to 14 on average.
~ All prenatal care is done in your home or you are welcome to come to my home office.
~ Your birth pool.  I provide all needed items for the pool and all supplies need for birth.

Home Birth Services:
~ Encouraging and empowering, non-interventive, physiological labor support.
~ Comfort techniques, such as massage, hydrotherapy, relaxation, breathing,
visualization, position changes or suggestions, heat/ice, acupressure, herbs, essential oils, and homeopathics.
~ Initiate and encourage first latch and breastfeeding soon after birth.
~ Full newborn exam, includes weight, length, reflexes, normal newborn assessment, and blood typing if needed.
~ Clean up and laundry started.
~ I support a family centered birth allowing all of your family to participate as you desire.

Postpartum Care:
~ First day (24 to 36 hours after delivery) in home postpartum checkup, including vitals, bleeding assessment, newborn assessment, weight,  breastfeeding support.
~ Newborn CCHD and Newborn Metabolic Test(PKU) screening (if desired), referral for hearing screen.

~ Birth certificate filled out and left with you to get notarized with 2 witnesses.
~ 4 day, 1 week, 2 week, 4 week and 6 week in home postpartum and newborn checkups.
~ Comprehensive postpartum and newborn care up to 8 weeks after birth!

I would love to discuss your options with you and look forward to meeting you!  So write down all of your questions and let’s get together!  Click here or call me 573-239-0047

Montrice Services

This is a combination of doula and midwifery services.  Some women are not desiring to birth at home but they would like the more attentive care during their postpartum weeks.  Honestly, when you deliver in the hospital you will only get ONE visit with your Dr. sometime within the first 6 weeks.  If you choose montrice services with us we will meet with you 2 or 3 times in to help you prepare for your birth.  One of our doulas will then come to you when you are in labor and will support you until your baby arrives.  This service also include 3 home visits after you return home from the hospital which include checking moms vitals,  baby’s vitals, baby’s growth (weight and length measurements), lactation assessment and support, general new mom support in transitioning to a new family member.

My fee for montrice services is $1700.00.

Click here or call me 573-239-0047


Placenta Encapsulation and Tincture

Placenta Capsules

I love offering this service to women! It is such an easy way to replenish lost minerals from birth and to get back to feeling normal with more energy more quickly.  Your bleeding time will be shorter and your mood will be better.  I do this for a straight fee of $200.00  Even if you are not my midwifery client I would be happy to serve you in this way.  I come pick it up from you then process it and get it right back to you with in 24 hours.  I collect $100.00 up front then the balance of $100.00 upon delivery.

Click here or call me 573-239-0047

My midwifery clients get 25% off for Placenta Encapsulation.

I can also create a placenta tincture for you for $20.00.  I deliver the tincture to you in 6 weeks.

Tinctures will last many years!

I am happy to travel to you to pick up your placenta and bring it back to you once it is done.  If I travel more than 40 miles from Columbia I do charge an additional  $30.  I am happy to  travel up to 60 miles for this service.

Extensive information about why placenta encapsulation is so good for you!


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