Midwifery Services

As a CPM (Certified Professional Midwife) and LM (Licensed Midwife) I am happy to discuss your prenatal care and birth options!  Feel free to call me 573-239-0047.  I work within a 60 mile radius of Columbia.  I am willing to travel further for an additional fee.

Health and Wellness Products

I highly recommend these pure, natural and chemical free products for your home, health and personal care!  If you have any questions about what you may need or what would fit your personal situation please reach out to me and I will guide you!

These are the vitamins I recommend for my pregnant mommas! They are jam packed with all the nutrition you need in a pill, combined with a healthy diet and this nutritious antioxidant rich drink you will be set to have a rock solid health to support yourself and your growing baby!

Cesarean Awareness

Had a Cesarean?  Please check out VBAC facts!

Know your options and the truth about risks and dangers.  We offer VBAC births!  I had 7 myself!

Breastfeeding support

Find a local support group!

It is so important to have supportive people around you when you are nursing your little one.  There are groups all over with moms ready to encourage you!  If you want a list of them you can contact me and I will be happy to send you a list of support groups.

Dr Jack Newman‘s site,  A physician who has been supporting and advocating breastfeeding for 30 years.

Concerned about baby’s growth rate?

Check out Kelly Mom for more information on this topic.

La Leche League

LLL has been a long standing group supporting and advocating for breastfeeding.  Their website is loaded with information.


 Family First Chiropractic

Dr Kelli Winarski offers family centered chiropractic care, serving families in all stages of life.  She is also certified to do the Webster technique for pregnant women.  She has a passion for working with pregnant women and children.

Infant chiropractic care

I need to mention here that some babies need chiropractic care right away after they are born.  My friend, Kelli, at Family First is so happy to see these little ones.  Birth can be difficult on babies especially if their labor was induced or they had to be assisted with vacuum or forceps.  Even the most natural births sometimes can produce a baby who needs to be adjusted.  Infant adjustments are nothing like adult adjustments.  Often times you do not even know that anything is happening.  If your baby is unusually fussy or just not content make an appointment with Kelli or a chiropractor in your area.  It will never hurt your baby to be adjusted even if they do not appear to need it.  Chiropractic care is great for every human being!

Placenta Encapsulation

Placenta Benefits

Missouri Midwives Association

This is the state wide organization that helps organize midwives and holds us accountable to one another in a larger structure of organization.  I am a member and we meet regularly and offer education to further our knowledge.  If you have a question or concern about a midwife, her practice or her reputation you are welcome to contact them.   This is also a great source for finding legal information about midwifery in our state.

I am a proud member of MMA.


The North American Registry of Midwives is the organization that oversees the CPM (Certified Professional Midwife) credential for midwives in North America.  I am registered with this organization as a CPM.