Items I suggest during pregnancy

During your pregnancy there will be times when I suggest that you supplement with certain products. While I have total faith in our bodies to do what they are designed to I also know that there are times when we need to support our body to do it’s job more efficiently.

Here are some of the things I may suggest you take during your pregnancy.

Red Raspberry Leaf Tea, you may drink this anytime after 28 weeks.
Is a great way to get in vitamins and minerals and to help your uterus warm up for labor. RRL tea has properties in it that support a healthy reproductive system and during the last stage of pregnancy it helps your uterus to be strong and ready for labor.

Evening Primrose Oil, to be taken only under the advice of your midwife or Dr.
I will sometimes suggest a woman take EPO in small quantities (500mg 2 times a day max) if she has a history of very long first stage labors or if she has a scared cervix.

Vitamin C E & Zinc
I suggest this combination to have a strong amniotic sac and nice supple skin that reduces the severity of stretch marks and also helps your perineum stretch nicely for delivery.

Multi Vitamin, complete for every pregnant woman
The Master Formula is a whole foods multi vitamin that literally has every single thing a pregnant woman needs! It also has nothing you do not want or need! This multi is safe for those who are carrying the MTHFR mutation too! This is a plant based vitamin from a very well known and reputable clean and organic company. You can order this from me and I deliver it to you or you can order online here: Master Formula Complete Multi Vitamin Supplement

Super B Complex
Women need a great B complex during pregnancy to help support a healthy nervous system and to support healthy digestion and mood. I have all my moms take this as it is the best I have found in the way it supports my mommas to simply feel great! Super B Complex

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