TWINS!! Pushing the norm, with success!

I am so blessed to be working with a great midwife who is serving a mom of twins.  This birth will happen in a few months. I have been reading up about twins and read a birth story that I just have to share.


This momma shares her experience of her twin home birth.  She was pushing the limits of what’s ‘acceptable’ and ‘normal’, which I hate those terms as what is normal is what is destined for that individual person.    This was her 6th pregnancy at 39 years and her last baby was delivered c-section.  This momma rocked her birth even though her babies were born over 40 hours apart!  She references her religion a lot which is different from my own belief in one God and creator of all.  However, she shares so much of her journey that is powerful and REAL for so many of us women when we are in that place of birth in which we are forever transformed!


The point is that our bodies were made to do this!  Yes, complications can arise but in a totally natural setting this is SO rare!  Instead of scaring the crap out of moms telling them their bodies won’t be able to do this let’s support them and tell them the truth, THEIR BODIES CAN AND WILL DO THIS!  We create our own reality when it comes to birth.   I find it so SAD that women have such a hard time being supported in TRUTH.  I plan to change this to the best of my ability for those who come in contact with me.


I am so thankful for this wonderful opportunity to serve a mom at home as she births her beautiful twins, and what a momma she is!  Her birth is gonna be amazing!



UPDATE: This dear client of ours delivered her sweet twins at home! A perfect homebirth! Not without a surprise 😉 as the second baby decided to flip breech to make room for her brother to be born, HAHA. The team of midwives all decided, as this was mom’s wish, to go ahead and stay home and let her birth this way. What a wonderful birth this was! Both babies were just as perfect as could be.
We had taken this dear mother on as client as she was told she would not be allowed to birth naturally even though she had successfully birthed two children already. The medical establishment promised her if everything went perfectly at least 3 weeks before her estimated due date, they may allow her a trial of labor. If she were in the hospital she would have delivered the first baby naturally(if she made it that far) then would have also had a c-section because the second baby was breech.
This is why I do this work! Women must have the option to birth their way!! We are so happy for this family, they went against the norm and made choices based on evidence and had a beautiful outcome!

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