Catching up!

Well it has been a busy last few months.  We had a stretch at the end of June beginning of July when we delivered 7 babies in a few weeks.  This is busy if you have to drive 2 hours each way to the births and still work a 40 hour a week day job.  I survived and have since entered into an apprenticeship agreement with a wonderful CPM.   I feel so blessed and thankful to my preceptor to for being willing to let me assist her.  I can hardly believe how far I’ve come in just the past short 6 months.


We were able to get in a short family trip in August while we had no babies due.  The children all started school with my 2nd to youngest going into kindergarten.  That whole week was so very hard for me.  This momma is very attached to her little ones and sending them off to school is so hard for me to do.  I so dearly just want to be home with them ALL THE TIME!  At this point I must work a full time job as well as apprentice.  I am really hoping for more opportunities to earn some money as a doula/midwife so that I can cut back my hours at my job.


I do have big plans for my birth work but need to etch out a little more time away from my day job to get those things moving forward.  At this time my main focus is to study as much as possible with a focus on putting together my practice guidelines.  I will be moving into phase 3 of my training in Feb of 2014 and want to be ready to take on clients of my own, under supervision!  I can see it all coming together in time and just have to get through the trenches in the meantime.


Tomorrow is Sept 2 and I am attending the Improving Birth Rally in Columbia MO  at Stephens lake park from 10 am to 2pm.  I am looking forward to meeting many moms in the area.



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