Placenta Encapsulation

Over the last several months I have been learning so much about the amazing benefits of the placenta!  If you observe nature all other mammals consume their placenta after birth. I have been providing this service to our midwifery clients and have noticed that many moms have had wonderful results.


Just to name a few of the benefits I have noticed:

~much shorter time for lochia (postpartum bleeding).

~less or no baby blues

~more energy

~plenty of milk production

~replenishes iron levels


If you are interested in this service just contact me and I would be happy to talk with you in more detail.  I am now offering Placenta Encapsulation to Columbia moms.  I can also serve you if you are outside of Columbia for a small fee for traveling.  I will travel up to 90 minutes one way for a fee of $30.00.


As I said I have been doing this for several months but I am planning to become certified in this service soon.  My rates will go up after certification but if you lock me in now it will be for the very small fee of $150.00.


Also check out my services page and resources page for links to studies showing the benefits of this wonderful organ.



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