Where have you been?

I have gotten this A LOT lately.  “Where have you been? You are not answering my calls or texts!”


Off and on since last October I have been working at a busy rural birth center in Wisconsin.  I have absolutely NO cell reception up here where I am at!  Who would have guessed that there would be a 100 mile circle right here where AT&T does not cover?!


SO….If you have been trying to get a hold of me please understand that I am not just ignoring you!  I am simply not getting any calls or texts at all!  I am checking my voice mail a couple times a week from the land line here so you can leave a voice mail or simply email me!  Of course my ‘contact me’ page works well too!


What am I doing up here so far away from my awesome family?  Chasing this crazy dream of becoming a Certified Professional Midwife!    I am utterly blessed with a totally wonderful family who takes care of everything while I am away.  My beautiful daughter who steps into my role while I am away is leaving us this year to start her own home.  I will be done just in time for her to launch.   It is a great year!  We are planning for a beautiful union the end of May!


I started out up here last fall working with an amazing team and it worked so well (they seem to really like me) they asked me to return this year and so I committed to stick with them for several months.  Since Jan 25th I have been here mainly and only going home to see my family for about 3 days every other week. I will be home the full month of April then will be back here for most of May and June.  Being apart from my family has been the most difficult thing as they are truly my heart and soul!  However, my desire and calling to fill the role of midwife is so strong that I know this is what I need to do to move forward in life.


I am sad this has reduced my opportunities to serve families as their doula but it is opening doors for me to do so much more.  Come July I will be home full time again and should not be doing any more of these extended trips.


I have formed friendships with these amazing women that will never be broken and I am so thankful for that!


I greatly appreciate all the wonderful families who have been so supportive of me and this crazy journey.   I look forward to sharing some great news soon so check back later this spring.


Thanks for stopping by and have a great day!





Media outlets

I was happy to have the privilege of speaking with a local reporter about natural birth!

You can check out that page by clicking here.

The new low intervention birth program at one of our local hospitals drew the attention of Sarah Shahriari, a local news anchor for a talk radio program.  She invited me to speak about my role as doula and natural birth in general.  We had a wonderful conversation about why some women seek a more natural birth and what inspired me to work in this field.  You can read her words and hear a small portion of that interview HERE.

My ultimate passion in life is sharing the good news that all women have the power within themselves to birth naturally.  It takes education (awareness) and a will to do so, however, with the right team and tools anyone can do it!  I am here to help you to realize the potential you have with in yourself to truly embrace the entire birth experience and cherish it for what it is.  You have this primal power within yourself to do this lost art of birthing your baby naturally.  I am just here to make you realize this and bring this out in yourself.

Anytime I have the chance to share this information I am excited.  When more women learn that they have options and find the right team to achieve their goal the more babies there are that come into the world gently.  Babies deserve to born gently into this world with a team who understand that transition needs to be gentle and respected.

If you are seeking a natural birth at home or in the hospital and have any questions at all please contact me.  I would love to connect you with the right team to support you in your desires.

Thanks for stopping by and have a wonderful day!

Giving women choices!

The whole reason I am in this work is to empower women.  So many do not have any clue that they have choices and options in their prenatal care and birth.  My goal is to reach as many women as I can with this knowledge.  Knowledge IS power.  When we provide knowledge to women they are empowered to make better choices, INFORMED choices.  Women are at a great disadvantage when their care providers do not give them all the options available to them.  It is even more tragic when women learn on their own that they do have options then go to their care provider and are treated badly for wanting something different!  This is crazy to me!


Sadly what is typical is that OB’s (for the most part) do not like to deviate from what their normal is.  Most hospital nurses do not like to deviate from the typical medicated labor and birth.  While this makes their job easier,  it takes so much from the women and babies.  Birth is a trans-formative experience! With the right support and preparation woman can attain success!!


I had a breath of fresh air recently when I served a VBAC momma as her doula in a hospital birth.  She had a beautiful and wonderful experience with a hospital OB.  This was so refreshing to me!!  How I needed to participate in a birth in a hospital with a Dr who respects and believes in the woman’s body and the woman’s intuition!!  As we progressed in her pregnancy and he agreed to her birth plan I was apprehensive and concerned for the delivery.  This wonderful Dr was so patient with this momma and baby!  He respected her space and trusted her body.  He was not looking for any little reason to section her.  He encouraged her to deliver in a upright position and was so patient for the third stage.  This VBAC momma got everything she wanted in her birth!  This wonderful Dr also stayed after his rotation was over so he could deliver his patient.  Again, something I never see at hospitals.  These Dr’s are so few and far between.  We need to show our support for these rare gems!


Most of us who offer home birth do so, not because hospitals are evil, but because women have the right to choose where they give birth and with whom they are attended by.   Women have the right and deserve the respect to have some say in her birth.   Women are simply more comfortable and can have a better birth all around being in her own space.  The problem is that many of us are pushed out of the hospital due to the lack of tolerance to the simple idea that women need to have some control and choice in their experience.    When I see a Dr or nurse who understand these simple concepts it renews my faith that there are still some out there.




If you live in this area and are looking for a Dr who will truly support you in your natural hospital birth then you need to meet Dr Potts!

Why hire a Doula?

I just read an article from a mom who hired a doula and was sorely disappointed with the service, rather lack thereof, she received.  This grieves me much.  I do this work because I have a passion to help and educate women in their pregnancy and birth journey.  It brings me joy and fulfillment to empower women through educating them and making them aware of their choices, then following through with REAL face to face support when the big day arrives!  I find it sad that other women are actually ripping moms off and not fulfilling their contracted responsibilities!!


Rest assured that if you hire me I will be there for you!  I do not take this job lightly or with small regard for my clients.  My passion for serving women is strong and real.  When you have an empowered birth it is hard to not want to share that with others.  This is not about me.  This is about supporting you to have the best birth possible.  Will I sugar coat it for you and tell you it will be all roses and butterflies?  Absolutely not!  I will prepare you for the real thing, we will talk about all the possibilities.  That said knowledge IS power! When you are know what to expect and have an idea of what things may come up you will be better prepared to handle them.



I will prepare you before you labor and then when that time comes I will encourage you to make educated decisions based on your plans. If the situation arises that your plan cannot be keep we will navigate those choices together and what ever you decide I remain at your side supporting you and encouraging you in your choices!   Sometimes no matter how much we prepare plans change and that is okay.  It does not mean you are not strong enough, it just means we are not in complete control of birth.