These are just a few comments left by happy families I have served in the last few years.

May 2018

Sabrina was my midwife for my second pregnancy and first homebirth! She made me feel so comfortable and helped me learn to trust my body. I loved the care I received from prenatal to postnatal.

 September 2017
I had Sabrina for my third birth, second homebirth. I absolutely adore Sabrina. Such a kind person who knowledge all my needs. Very knowledgeable in midwifery. My birth experience with her was excellent. She arrived quickly, kept the environment calm, helped my husband know how to help me. I appreciated that she was with me from the time I called her to be my midwife until 6 weeks postpartum and a year later still a great resource.

July 2017

The mother-centered & baby-centered care that Ms Sabrina Bias, midwife at Mothers Embrace Birth Services, offers to her patients (and their families!) throughout pregnancy, childbirth, and the postpartum period is BEYOND EXEMPLARY. Sabrina practices midwifery from an intersection of extensive childbirth education and experience, informed awareness and practical knowledge of the most current, evidence-based, and safest pregnancy and childbirth research & recommendations, and lastly, her UNDYING dedication to honor each mother’s unique personal values and desires for their birth experience. Due to various complicated circumstances, my husband and I did not begin working with Sabrina until very late into my second pregnancy, but even though I only had her at my side for about the last 5 weeks of pregnancy (again, several co-occurring, unique circumstances led to our coming into care with Sabrina!), it felt like we had known and trusted her forever, like she had been with us since day 1. She worked tirelessly with my previous OB to review my records to ensure that she was acutely aware of all of my unique-to-me trends, patterns, and pregnancy needs, she listened to my thoughts, feelings, concerns, and desires for the birth of my second child, and then she dedicated herself fully to supporting me and baby until we welcomed him earth-side and beyond. On July 11, 2017, in the Peace and Calm of our own living room, we welcomed our son to the world with Sabrina’s full support, hour by hour, minute by minute, breath by breath. I could not have had this precious and most cherished experience without Sabrina’s knowledge and support, which instilled such confidence and calm in my heart at each turn. She empowered me to trust my body and to trust the birth process, all while keeping a sharp eye on the safety of me and baby throughout the entire process before, during, and after birth. Sabrina DEEPLY understands the lasting impact that the birthing experience imprints on the life of the mother AND on her child, for the rest of their lives. Sabrina continued to give me and our newborn son attentive, hands-on care and support throughout my postpartum period, offering support in areas such as breastfeeding, infant care, and both my physical & emotional well-being & recovery, among many other areas. She was (and still is to this day) ALWAYS a phone call or text away, and I will always consider her to be a trusted and cherished friend and health resource! Sabrina made frequent check-ins & in-person visits during my postpartum recovery, and this last portion of our care with Sabrina made the whole experience that much more amazing and personal, as I did not experience that level of postpartum care with my first birth. A Mothers Embrace supported me in achieving my Peaceful and Beautiful home birth with a well-supported postpartum recovery. I HIGHLY recommend Sabrina Bias and her midwifery services to any and all expecting mothers and families, NO MATTER WHAT your unique needs, circumstances, and desires may be for your birth. My heart is forever thankful to and grateful for A Mothers Embrace Birth Services, along with my entire family!

October 2014

I loved having Sabrina as my midwife. She was everything I wanted. Completely hands off just like I asked her to be but stepped in when she was needed. I will definitely be using her again if we decide we want more children.

Sept 2014

Sabrina was my midwife for my second son, and she was amazing!  She was there for me every step of my pregnancy and very supportive during birth.  My baby came faster than we expected and surprised us, but she stayed calm and everything went great.  I would definitely hire her as a midwife again! 🙂

Sept 2014

My husband and I picked Sabrina to be there for the birth of our first born child. She was excellent as far as making every appointment and if something came up she was quick to notify us and reschedule. She was helpful through the whole process and had a lot of good information. For the day of the birth Sabrina was AMAZING. She made the birth really easy on me and made sure that our baby arrived with no issues. She did a great job of getting the baby taken care of and checking on me constantly. She made sure to stick around for several hours after the birth to make sure that we were taken care of.

If anyone is interested in doing a home birth or using a midwife I would HIGHLY recommend her. I can easily say that if/when we choose to have another child we will DEFINITELY go through Sabrina!

We also chose to encapsulate our placenta and we were very pleased with the results! Sabrina did an amazing job with everything!

April 2014

We had Sabrina as our midwife for the pregnancy/home birth of our first child and were very happy with her services.  She addressed all of our concerns and answered any questions we had.  During my labor she was also a great physical and emotional support. She took really good care of me postpartum and addressed any concerns we had regarding our newborn son. She truly has a servant’s heart and I would definitely use her again as well as recommend her to any woman wanting a positive, empowering birth.

Feb 2014

I enjoyed having Sabrina as my doula. She made labor much more enjoyable! I felt informed through the whole process. She was incredibly supportive through a somewhat scary labor. Once my son arrived into the world,

I also loved knowing I had post partum support with her! I recommend Sabrina as a doula for anyone that is pregnant and wanting to have that great bridge between physician and yourself.

June 2013

I used Mothers Embrace for our second home birth. Sabrina was such a calm and knowledgeable mid-wife. I was able to give birth naturally without any medications in a water birth.

It was a wonderful experience! I wouldn’t have birth any other way.

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