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My name is Sabrina Bias.  I am the mother of 8 wonderful children.  After the birth of my 5th child in 2004 I knew I would become a midwife.  I pictured this happening later in life but destiny had other plans ;-).  I am now working toward earning my CPM to become a Certified Professional Midwife.  This will take me a few years. However, in the meantime I am serving families by working as a doula.

I have big plans for this site.  For the time being I will share about my work and as my business grows I will share much more information.  I will discuss many different topics that come up in my study and in my work.

At this time I serve families as a doula and I am also working with a CPM as a student midwife, so I am attending both home births and hospital births.  My passion is for homebirth.  I just believe home is the ideal place for women to be comfortable and have the best experience possible.

I am planning to put together child birth classes as I really see a need for women to learn the possibilities of what birth can be like.  I have observed moms who get in a fear-pain- tension cycle and do not have a birth that is what it could be.  I want to be part of the birth revolution where women take back birth and let go of the fear they have of birth.  This will only happen one woman at a time.  Knowledge IS power!  When we women understand what is going on in our bodies as well as what to expect and we have a mental expectation of the power surges we will experience and a plan and practice to cope with it we WILL have a wonderful birth.  This was true for me as I progressed from no knowledge of birth to what I know after having 8 babies.

Please check back regularly as this site will be growing with more information added as quickly as I have time.  



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  1. Barb Reply

    This is very informative I am so proud of you and proud to be your Mom

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