Giving women choices!

The whole reason I am in this work is to empower women.  So many do not have any clue that they have choices and options in their prenatal care and birth.  My goal is to reach as many women as I can with this knowledge.  Knowledge IS power.  When we provide knowledge to women they are empowered to make better choices, INFORMED choices.  Women are at a great disadvantage when their care providers do not give them all the options available to them.  It is even more tragic when women learn on their own that they do have options then go to their care provider and are treated badly for wanting something different!  This is crazy to me!


Sadly what is typical is that OB’s (for the most part) do not like to deviate from what their normal is.  Most hospital nurses do not like to deviate from the typical medicated labor and birth.  While this makes their job easier,  it takes so much from the women and babies.  Birth is a trans-formative experience! With the right support and preparation woman can attain success!!


I had a breath of fresh air recently when I served a VBAC momma as her doula in a hospital birth.  She had a beautiful and wonderful experience with a hospital OB.  This was so refreshing to me!!  How I needed to participate in a birth in a hospital with a Dr who respects and believes in the woman’s body and the woman’s intuition!!  As we progressed in her pregnancy and he agreed to her birth plan I was apprehensive and concerned for the delivery.  This wonderful Dr was so patient with this momma and baby!  He respected her space and trusted her body.  He was not looking for any little reason to section her.  He encouraged her to deliver in a upright position and was so patient for the third stage.  This VBAC momma got everything she wanted in her birth!  This wonderful Dr also stayed after his rotation was over so he could deliver his patient.  Again, something I never see at hospitals.  These Dr’s are so few and far between.  We need to show our support for these rare gems!


Most of us who offer home birth do so, not because hospitals are evil, but because women have the right to choose where they give birth and with whom they are attended by.   Women have the right and deserve the respect to have some say in her birth.   Women are simply more comfortable and can have a better birth all around being in her own space.  The problem is that many of us are pushed out of the hospital due to the lack of tolerance to the simple idea that women need to have some control and choice in their experience.    When I see a Dr or nurse who understand these simple concepts it renews my faith that there are still some out there.




If you live in this area and are looking for a Dr who will truly support you in your natural hospital birth then you need to meet Dr Potts!

Why Choose Homebirth?

~Homebirth is safe!~

Why should you choose homebirth?

Homebirth is the ideal place for having a baby.

1-The hospital is for sick people!  Why would a perfectly healthy woman go there to deliver her baby?  Why expose your sweet little baby to all those germs if you don’t need to?

2-Your baby was conceived at home why not birth her at home?

3-Birth is an intimate private matter that should not be among a bunch of strangers!

4-Your wishes are more likely to be honored at home with a skilled midwife who does not have hospital protocol dictating what she does.  We midwives are servants to you the mom, not bureaucracy.

5- Birth is safer at home with a skilled attendant!

6- We midwives WANT to get to know you and what is important to you!  We spend TIME with you at every prenatal, LISTENING to your concerns, careful to get you all the information you seek.

We believe in the woman’s ability to birth her child!   Rather than pushing drugs we will empower you with natural ways to take care of yourself and manage the intensity of labor.

7-Homebirth is Cheaper!

Shall I go on?

Check out my pinterest board titled: Homebirth is safer than hospital!

This is where I have gathered several articles with facts to back up the truth that, for low risk moms, a planned home is safer!

Also check out my doula and midwifery boards for lots more encouraging helpful information!



I am someone who, years ago, believed home birth was an unwise and foolish choice. This was back when I believed I would have died in childbirth had I not had a life saving surgical delivery(c-section).   It was not until after my fourth child that I discovered the truth about midwifery care vs. the medical model of birth.   I read many sweet stories of women who had births in which they were respected and honored and I wanted that for myself.  I was determined my next births would be different.  As soon as I had my 5th child with midwives and a wonderful homebirth Dr. I decided one day I would serve women in the same way.


I had 3 beautiful births (they were all scary VBAC’s…lol) and learned first hand that it is possible and safe to be honored and respected in birth.  I learned that I can ride the waves of birth and not die of pain.  I became empowered and from that point on I have had a passion to tell other women about this wonderful secret!.


Sadly, I cannot give this to others.  All I can do is share my experience and encourage and support moms.  I can help them and assist them but it is they who must have the determination to be in charge and go for the birth they want!


Obviously, this takes a bit of humility as we do need to realize what is wise and what is foolish.   This is why it is important to hire a midwife who has managed different things and knows when there are reasons a hospital may be needed. Mothers Embrace is that safe place where you can have your baby gently and with respect, knowing that if you need to be in the hospital we are going to get you there!  I am able to see the signs of danger and know what to do to help you.  There is a time and place for hospital assisted birth, however for most women it is not necessary.  I really feel strongly that if you really want a great birth you should do it at home with a trained midwife(if you do not have any risk factors).  A well trained midwife is able to handle most problems at home and if something is arising that may need medical attention we can see this and transfer mom to the hospital.


A study was recently released that exposed the truth on home  birth vs. hospital birth.  Here is the summary of findings:

“For women who had previously given birth, the risk of severe outcomes for home births was one per 1,000; for hospital births, it was 2.3 per 1,000. This represented a reduction in risk of 58.3 percent. The rate per 1,000 for postpartum hemorrhage was 19.6 for home births, compared to 37.6 for hospitals, a 47.9 percent reduction. The rates per 1,000 for manual removal of the placenta were 8.5 and 19.6, respectively, representing a risk reduction of 56.9 percent.”

This is the study:    Primary source: BMJ
Source reference:
de Jonge A et al “Severe adverse maternal outcomes among low risk women with planned home versus hospital births in the Netherlands: nationwide cohort study” BMJ 2013; DOI: 10.1136/bmj.f3263.


My care will help you to find the power with in yourself to bring your child into the world on your own, following your own God given instincts.  I will help you to embrace your birth experience in all it is.  You will be in charge of your birth and your desires will be respected, not ignored.  We will work as a team to have the safest birth possible.  Please also understand that if something comes up and you really do need to be in the hospital, I will be the first to tell you this and get you where you need to be.


Finally I need to mention the money.  Midwifery Care & Home Birth offer substantial savings over medical models of care and hospital birth. This is largely due to the elimination of an expensive hospitalization but is also because of the midwifery focus on prevention & wellness without an over reliance on technology that has not proven to be of value for the low risk pregnancy.  Most of our clients will pay cash out of pocket.   Many will be reimbursed by their insurance company as we do file a claim with them for you after your birth.  Regardless, it will cost you much less than going the traditional medical route.



Ever learning, and the strength of women.

As I attend more and more births I learn from every single one.  I am often bewildered in the experience.  I am baffled sometimes at what happens.


I have so many thoughts in my mind right now about we as women and our current state of being.  Are we stronger now than we were 100 years ago?  Many would say ‘yes!” I am not so sure. Can we naturally birth our babies like women could 100 years ago?  Honestly, I would have to say no.   I believe many things have contributed to this. In years past women would pass on their stories of birth to their daughters and grand daughters and nieces and friends.   Today so few women have natural birth stories to share that it is getting so hard to find them.  This has really affected the outcomes of so many women.  I really think that some women are not prepared for the hard work of birth.  This is due in part to the lack of sharing of times past.  Also this sharing is a symptom of our larger issue of lack of true family and community, however this is another huge topic not to be delved into now.


Those of us who have done this hard work of natural birth need to share these experiences with others who share that they would like to have one.   Please do not try and scare them out of this choice! Rather gently let them know that it IS work but oh so worth it!  We DO have the strength to accomplish this hard work.  However, we have to be in touch with this reality that it is work, it is not called labor because it is easy.


I have witnessed first time moms who have fallen for propaganda that birth will not hurt.  What we need to be telling them is that it will be intense and it will be work but we CAN do it.  If we tell them it will not hurt we are setting them up for failure.  I also hear a lot of women saying they cannot get on top of the pain.  FORGET that!  Birth is so intense and awesome it will overcome you!  What you need to do is learn how you will ride the waves.  You will not have a good outcome if you try to stay on top of it.  You honestly have to just let go, you are not in control when you are in labor, in a sense I mean.  We want you in control meaning you make choices, but as far as controlling the sensations, you will not have control of that.  What has worked for me and other women who PREPARE  is to practice serious relaxation and control of our thoughts when the waves come.  You need to find a way in which you can simply relax all of your body and focus your mind on staying calm and allow what needs to happen in your body happen.  This is not easy, again it is work, this is why we call it LABOR.


A huge part of why I do this work is to communicate this truth with women.  It does not serve you at all if we never address this issue.  I have seen the fact that the lack of addressing this leads to women not able to birth their own child.  This is so sad. Yes, we do have the option to simply get a c-section because we are not prepared for the job we have, however that then opens us to a whole other set of complications and things we will have to work through later.  How about we do the preparation and work before hand.  This is what I vow to do for all my clients.  Lets work together to get you prepared for birth.

Doctors birth at home too!

I was so blessed to read this wonderful article written by a physician on her choice to birth at home.  I highly encourage you to check it out!


The truth of the matter is if you want a birth in which you are honestly respected and shown honor for the hard work you are doing you should hire that special midwife who will nurture this to happen.  Normal birth, which is most births, is NOT an emergency, it is NOT an illness!!  Normal birth is a NORMAL bodily function.  Your body is created to be able to do this.  The problem today is that there is so much FEAR tied up in the thought of birth and this taints the truth.  If you want to have any say in your birth please consider finding a midwife who will do what we do best and that is empower and support mothers.  It is not our job to manage your labor.  It is our job to support you and encourage you.  We stand by as a support and are there IF something needs to be done.  We will know and see a potential problem arising and we will talk with you about this.  We have the skills and knowledge to know when a hospital is necessary, and will get you there if need be.


I can say that if you hire me as your midwife your pregnancy will be a journey of empowerment.  Knowledge really is power and I will help you to learn as much as you can so that you go into your birth confident and ready.  Birth is not easy!  It is not meant to be easy.  However, it can still be wonderful.  I feel like I can also say this from my own personal experience.  I have had many different kinds of births(c-section, hospital induction, hospital natural, and home birth) and can honestly say the med-free out of hospital births do not compare to anything you could get in a hospital. I also had a great induction with an epidural (no pain) and would still take the all natural, including the intensity, of the home birth!


They key is having the loving support of a skilled midwife by your side! ~ 😉


Feel free to check out my empowering Pinterest page for birth:


I have both a doula board and a midwifery board, both are very encouraging to homebirth!

21 years and counting

So today my oldest son turns 21.  WOW, how time flew by.  It was the experience from his birth that made me realize  that hospitals don’t always have my best interest in mind when they force their policy on you.   When I went in thinking my water was leaking they confirmed it was and said that I needed induction.  After 24 hours and not progressing past 6 centimeters they scared me into a c-section.   They literally threatened me saying that if we did not consent to an operation that my baby would surely die and I may as well.  I was very lucky 4 years later when the same hospital encouraged me to VBAC.  I am thankful for that, however I am still angry for my lack of knowledge for my first 4 births.  That is no one’s fault but my own.  I was not enlightened to the fact that I had options until I was exposed to the writings of other woman who made different choices and therefore had different outcomes.


My desire now is to empower other women with the knowledge that they do have choices and there can be a better way!  Women do not have to be railroaded into the medical trappings of birth and all that entails.  Homebirth is a valid option and should be considered.  With a well trained and balanced midwife birth is more safe at home, where you will be respected and honored.  Birth is a sacred event in which both mother and baby need respect, sadly this is not what happens most  of the time.   I want to offer this to every woman I encounter.  If this is simply by encouraging a nursing mom or dropping the hint that they can stand up to things the doctors try and push on them.  Women need to know they have a voice and they can demand it be heard.  Unfortunately, if you really want to have a say in what happens to you homebirth may be your only option.


The whole idea just frustrates me as women do have the power within themselves to give birth and nobody really tells them that anymore.  It deeply saddens me when I see so many give away the power they have because of convenience.  You do not realize what you are missing out on by doing this.  I say my goal is to empower women and this is done by educating then supporting by cheerleading you through the tough decisions.  I can truly come along side you in support as I have been down the road of birth myself 8 times.  I have been there, clueless to the fact that there is a different way.  I have also been there with other midwife women who empowered me to experience what is possible.   I have then gone back into the medical system and found that they really do not care about your experience but their policy still must control the situation.


This is why my passion to reach as many women as possible is so strong!  Someone needs to encourage you and it will be me if I get the opportunity!  My journey started 21 years ago today and I have learned so very much.  My passion grows stronger every day!

Placenta Encapsulation

Over the last several months I have been learning so much about the amazing benefits of the placenta!  If you observe nature all other mammals consume their placenta after birth. I have been providing this service to our midwifery clients and have noticed that many moms have had wonderful results.


Just to name a few of the benefits I have noticed:

~much shorter time for lochia (postpartum bleeding).

~less or no baby blues

~more energy

~plenty of milk production

~replenishes iron levels


If you are interested in this service just contact me and I would be happy to talk with you in more detail.  I am now offering Placenta Encapsulation to Columbia moms.  I can also serve you if you are outside of Columbia for a small fee for traveling.  I will travel up to 90 minutes one way for a fee of $30.00.


As I said I have been doing this for several months but I am planning to become certified in this service soon.  My rates will go up after certification but if you lock me in now it will be for the very small fee of $150.00.


Also check out my services page and resources page for links to studies showing the benefits of this wonderful organ.



Why hire a Doula?

I just read an article from a mom who hired a doula and was sorely disappointed with the service, rather lack thereof, she received.  This grieves me much.  I do this work because I have a passion to help and educate women in their pregnancy and birth journey.  It brings me joy and fulfillment to empower women through educating them and making them aware of their choices, then following through with REAL face to face support when the big day arrives!  I find it sad that other women are actually ripping moms off and not fulfilling their contracted responsibilities!!


Rest assured that if you hire me I will be there for you!  I do not take this job lightly or with small regard for my clients.  My passion for serving women is strong and real.  When you have an empowered birth it is hard to not want to share that with others.  This is not about me.  This is about supporting you to have the best birth possible.  Will I sugar coat it for you and tell you it will be all roses and butterflies?  Absolutely not!  I will prepare you for the real thing, we will talk about all the possibilities.  That said knowledge IS power! When you are know what to expect and have an idea of what things may come up you will be better prepared to handle them.



I will prepare you before you labor and then when that time comes I will encourage you to make educated decisions based on your plans. If the situation arises that your plan cannot be keep we will navigate those choices together and what ever you decide I remain at your side supporting you and encouraging you in your choices!   Sometimes no matter how much we prepare plans change and that is okay.  It does not mean you are not strong enough, it just means we are not in complete control of birth.





VBAC in Columbia and central MO

My first child was born via c-section.  Many years later when I started learning more about my body and my options I realized that I was a victim of medical convenience.   It really does irritate me how hospitals do not function under an evidence based model.  This is one of the reasons why I have such a passion for midwifery and helping moms!!  In my 20 years of childbearing the medical community has gone back and forth on allowing VBAC and not allowing VBAC’s.  Currently most doctors in our state are NOT allowing them.  Occasionally we find a Dr who will allow a VBAC after on one c-section.  I do not know of one Dr who will allow a VBAC after 2 or more c-sections.




Women NEED and option to birth naturally.  The research does not indicate a huge increase in risk of uterine rupture with subsequent surgical deliveries.  There is plenty of research that proves that multiple c-sections do increase the risk of placenta accreta.  This is a problem for pregnancy no matter how you chose to deliver your baby.  The evidence shows that many c-sections cause more issues and risks than VBAC’s.


I am saying all this to get the word out that YOU DO HAVE OPTIONS!  Your birth is yours and no Dr should tell you there are no options. Serving moms who want a VBAC are exactly why I do what I do.



Home birth in Columbia MO

I am now offering homebirth services in the Columbia MO areas.  My senior midwife and I are partnering together to serve families right here in central MO, including Columbia, Booneville, Jefferson City, Mexico, Moberly and everywhere in between.  If you are seeking a home birth please give me a call so we can schedule an interview.  We will serve VBAC moms and offer waterbirth services where we bring the pool to you.  We bring our desire to allow mom to be in control of her birth and we are there to support and help if needed.  It is our style to establish a strong relationship with our families this helps us to better serve you!

TWINS!! Pushing the norm, with success!

I am so blessed to be working with a great midwife who is serving a mom of twins.  This birth will happen in a few months. I have been reading up about twins and read a birth story that I just have to share.


This momma shares her experience of her twin home birth.  She was pushing the limits of what’s ‘acceptable’ and ‘normal’, which I hate those terms as what is normal is what is destined for that individual person.    This was her 6th pregnancy at 39 years and her last baby was delivered c-section.  This momma rocked her birth even though her babies were born over 40 hours apart!  She references her religion a lot which is different from my own belief in one God and creator of all.  However, she shares so much of her journey that is powerful and REAL for so many of us women when we are in that place of birth in which we are forever transformed!


The point is that our bodies were made to do this!  Yes, complications can arise but in a totally natural setting this is SO rare!  Instead of scaring the crap out of moms telling them their bodies won’t be able to do this let’s support them and tell them the truth, THEIR BODIES CAN AND WILL DO THIS!  We create our own reality when it comes to birth.   I find it so SAD that women have such a hard time being supported in TRUTH.  I plan to change this to the best of my ability for those who come in contact with me.


I am so thankful for this wonderful opportunity to serve a mom at home as she births her beautiful twins, and what a momma she is!  Her birth is gonna be amazing!



UPDATE: This dear client of ours delivered her sweet twins at home! A perfect homebirth! Not without a surprise 😉 as the second baby decided to flip breech to make room for her brother to be born, HAHA. The team of midwives all decided, as this was mom’s wish, to go ahead and stay home and let her birth this way. What a wonderful birth this was! Both babies were just as perfect as could be.
We had taken this dear mother on as client as she was told she would not be allowed to birth naturally even though she had successfully birthed two children already. The medical establishment promised her if everything went perfectly at least 3 weeks before her estimated due date, they may allow her a trial of labor. If she were in the hospital she would have delivered the first baby naturally(if she made it that far) then would have also had a c-section because the second baby was breech.
This is why I do this work! Women must have the option to birth their way!! We are so happy for this family, they went against the norm and made choices based on evidence and had a beautiful outcome!