Taking a break

In the past couple of years I have attended many births, of many different women, all over the state of Missouri.  I have spent MANY hours traveling to meet these women and work with them.  Many middle of the night pull overs as I’m racing to a birth that may be 2-3 hours away from me, LOL!  I dearly LOVE this work and empowering women to birth their way! However, we all have limitations and I have to admit I have come to my own.

I appreciate the opportunity of apprenticeship given to me by a wonderful mentor who has more knowledge than I may ever have in this work!   As I transition to a more full time practice it requires more out of me than I am able to give at this time.  I have a very large family and have stretched myself a bit to thin this year.  We are trying to finish up the building of our home.  My dear husband has put in countless hours and I need to help him tie in the final details of getting this done. I also need to focus more on my academic preparation for certification and need to free up some time to do so.

It is with a sad heart that I will be putting on hold taking any new families at this time.   In having a little more time I hope to get more updates here on this blog and have the time to share much more information to help you women have the birth you desire.

My passion for reaching and empowering women is just as strong as ever!

I will be ready to serve women again in the not to distant future!  

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